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SamSolutionPoint Provides completely integrated contact center solutions. Our specialties include catalog retail, banking, bilingual (supporting 16 languages and growing), onshore and offshore, inbound and outbound call center campaigns, high volume, lead generation, customer service satisfaction surveys and many other successful programs. We can support smaller programs as well as large programs (5 to 300 seats or FTE). Handle proven outbound sales or inbound customer care campaigns. Fulfill order taking/entry, catalog, fulfillment, activation and upsells.

BPO Service

Call Center Setup

SamSolutionPoint also provide Call center setup services according to your business needs by allocating a room full of phones and agents to answer the calls.

Required Devices For Call Center Setup

Sr No Device requirement Configuration
1 Router Load Balancing Router TL-R480T+
2 Computer Minimum (Dual Core Processor + 4Gb RAM)
3 Keyboard Wired Chick-let Keyboard and Mouse
4 Internet Minimum (2Mbps Connection Speed with 1 Static IP)
5 Network Switch Gigabyte Lan Speed 100/1000

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